Welcome to the Kenome Universe

Finally the SPECIAL NFT GAME landed on Earth! Get genetic information and breed your own unique Kenome.

[I'll give you a chance, feeble earthlings]

Hello, World! Welcome, Everyone!
We have found life with a unique activation gene in Planet Cypress. The discoverer Dr. Klay named the gene, “Kenome” after him, which became the name of all the creatures in which the genetic structure was discovered.
We have great expectations for you and Kenomes. Our Kenomes Project believes that you will be of great help to beautifully pioneering unknown planet Cypresses by breeding and training Non-Fungible Kenomes.
Preengage and pioneer the NFT land and superior NFT Kenomes, so that you are taking over the opportunity to be full of wealth and honor in the upcoming Kenomes’ era.
Last modified 2mo ago