The Kenomes

Kenomes for the people, by the people, of the people

The NFT Kenomes will be your powerful friends.

Kenomes found on planet Cypress had special power. Dr. Klay, who discovered their special activation gene, named it Kenome by combining 'K' of his name and 'Genome'.

You guys are invited to use their genetic systems to breed the more POWERFUL KENOMES!

The Kenomes' special ability that anyone can easily recognize.

Kenome's part with the power of fire is red.

For example, although not all of them have been revealed yet, all of the Kenomes with the ability to fire are red.
And, this is a top secret that I'm only going to reveal here. Keep this mysterious and also exciting thing in your sticky note. It is said that not all Kenomes' abilities have been fully revealed yet.
What is the limit of Kenomes' ability? An anonymous official from a Kenomes Project guarantees that Kenomes' ability is "No highs, no lows, only KENOME" in the NFT universe.
an anonymous official from Kenomes Project

3 Types

The comment of reporter Aillai

I can infer the magical power used by the Kenomes through their appearance, and as it turns out now, there are three main powers.
No one can guarantee yet whether this is the end or what other power will be revealed.
I prepared a picture for you to see.
It's so easy, right? It's like a rock-paper-scissors system on a planet called Earth. Water beats fire, fire beats grass, and grass beats water again.
There is nothing superior.
You just have to choose what you like. It's like when we played rock paper scissors. People on Earth.