The 1st Generation Kenomes

Dear Kenome Breeders!
Here's something about the 1st Gen Kenomes.
There are only a few special Kenomes who have an appearance that they should not.
Please reveal all the secrets of 10,000 1st generation Kenomes with active participation.

Prerequisites for CG Creation

1st gen Kenomes required

  • The most essential element of Kenome World's unique guild system, CG, is the first-generation Kenomes.
  • Anyone who wants to make a CG (who wants to become a guild master) must have at least 10 first-generation Kenomes.
  • Kenomes staked in CG by the master of CG cannot be used for play and the CG is dismantled when unstaking.

More Detail -> Community Governance​

Blessed 1st Gen Kenomes

Legendary Parts Like a Fairy Tale of Cypress Mystic - ONLY IN THE 1ST GENERATION

  • In the unknown planet Cypress, there is a legend passed down from ancient times.
  • When Cypress is in crisis, the Kenomes are born, inheriting the powers, these are the legends that set them apart from other Kenomes by anyone's eyes.
  • Cypressians regard the birth of these special blessed Kenomes as a sign that the heroes will emerge to save Cypress from crisis.