Token Distribution

The INS tokens are based on the Klaytn blockchain. 16 INS per Klaytn block will be issued for the initial one year.
After a year, the half-life begins. 8 INS per Klaytn block will be issued for the second year and 4 INS per block are issued for the third year. And the same number of INS issuances(=4 INS) will be maintained thereafter. These token issuance proceeds with smart contracts and does not change, and there is no limit on the issuance amount.

Play to Earn - 25%

The play-to-earn issuance represents 25% of the total KENOME supply. The goal of the play to earn tokens is to attract a wide range of players to the KENOME ecosystem and to provide ownership and token rewards to the most active community members.
By using the Play-to-Earn portion of the issuance, players would be rewarded within our KENOME ecosystem such as:
  • Winning tournaments
  • Breeding Kenomes
  • Securing and Interacting with your land plots
  • Waiting for the content that will be announced in a near future.
The KENOME INSs earned through the Play-to-Earn will be open for trading immediately without a lock-up. However, the KENOME team will monitor the situation closely to decide if the lock-up on rewards is sustained for the continuous development of players.

Land Staking - 25%

It is the land staking that players can be rewarded in the KENOME ecosystem alongside with Play-to-Earn. The land staking issuance accounts for25% of the total KENOME supply. Players will be able to claim a timely reward if they stake their tokens for a period of time. (The period will be decided)

Community Governance - 10%

There is a user group called community governance in the Kenom ecosystem. The group's head is selected by community users' votes and can comment on the direction and major issues of the Kenome. Our Kenome development team will actively listen to and reflect the opinions of community governance.
Community governance can contribute to enriching the Kenome ecosystem. Of course, as much as you contributed, there will be a bigger reward. For example, the community governance can take an amount proportional to the total NFT Staking of community members among all tokens allocated to community governance.

Partners - 10%

Kenome is signing partnerships with various fields to create more solid success and synergy and expects continued shared growth by sharing rewards with their partners.
Core team - 17%
The Kenome development team needs to maintain steady incentives to create the value of tokens through the continuous recruitment of excellent talent. We promise to increase its value by creating sustainable projects, not just temporary token sales.
Marketing - 12%
The Kenome team will continue to carry out full and strategic marketing to prove its excellence in the project.

Private sale - 1%

Kenome conducted a private sale of INS at a 10% discount in 2021 to secure initial development funds. The tokens are sequentially allocated to investors based on the token issuance date according to the unlock schedule.